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Property for sale in Phuket, Thailand

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Stunning 1-bedroom apartments, with urban view in Oceanstone project, on Bangtao

7 500 000 THB
1 bedrooms
48 sqm
1 bathrooms

Cozy 2-bedroom apartments, with golf course in Kathu Golf Condo project, on

5 500 000 THB
2 bedrooms
99 sqm
2 bathrooms

Amazing, large 5-bedroom villa, with sea view in Royal Phuket Marina project, on

212 000 000 THB
5 bedrooms
1058 sqm
6 bathrooms

Astonishing 2-bedroom apartments, with pool view in Royal Phuket Marina project,

15 900 000 THB
2 bedrooms
312 sqm
2 bathrooms

Luxury, large 3-bedroom villa, with pool view, on Bangtao/Laguna beach ( +

22 831 682 THB
3 bedrooms
588 sqm
4 bathrooms

Cozy 2-bedroom apartments, with sea view in Cassia project, on Bangtao/Laguna

10 500 000 THB
2 bedrooms
62 sqm
2 bathrooms

Gorgeous 3-bedroom villa, with pool view, on Nai Yang beach

12 510 000 THB
3 bedrooms
244 sqm
2 bathrooms

Fashionable, large 4-bedroom villa, with golf course in Laguna Homes project, on

75 000 000 THB
4 bedrooms
960 sqm
4 bathrooms

Stylish 3-bedroom villa, with pool view, on Nai Yang beach

18 540 000 THB
3 bedrooms
360 sqm
4 bathrooms

Stylish, large 5-bedroom villa, with sea view in Grand See Through Villas

29 000 000 THB
35 000 000 THB
5 bedrooms
560 sqm
6 bathrooms

Luxurious 3-bedroom villa, with pool view in Peykaa Estate Villas project, on

27 900 000 THB
3 bedrooms
287 sqm
3 bathrooms

Incredible 2-bedroom apartments, with mountain view in Surin Sabai 2 project, on

9 600 000 THB
2 bedrooms
120 sqm
1 bathrooms
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In our life's journey, we are always confronted with things that we have to do for the first time. And it's good that in such cases there are people around who can share experiences and from whom we can ask for advice. However, if, in one case or another, there are no such people around, we feel confused and do not know how to act. This is how people who have to sell real estate in Thailand for the first time in their lives feel. So, let's try to provide useful legal information that will be useful to such people and help them save their time and possibly avoid some mistakes.

Sale in Phuket is traditionally seen as an investment. During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, the focus changed somewhat. Phuket Thailand is now a haven for many wealthy people around the world. Many people plan to buy, find a villa near the beach for permanent residence at an average price, or a long stay for several months a year.

Fantastic beautiful nature, warm climate all year round, beach, international infrastructure, the presence of international schools and hospitals, as well as the best value for money investment property make the property market attractive out of competition.

Selling real estate in Phuket, of course, is impossible without a buyer who can be found on their own: through acquaintances and by placing advertising messages on relevant sites on the Internet, as well as with the help of outsiders: realtors and real estate agencies.

If the buyer has already been found, the first stage of the sale is a preliminary agreement to buy and sell the apartment.

Property for sale at Phuket has a low cost compared to properties in Europe, but unlike Europe, Phuket has eternal summer, beautiful and warm sea - all this is great for people looking for a long vacation and permanent residence on the island.

Renting or buying a property in Phuket, Thailand, especially at competitive prices, is not easy today. Property in Phuket, Thailand can be purchased in any part of the island. It is important to calculate the final cost of the sale on request, without hidden fees, all objects must be checked and fully consistent with the photos and descriptions - your holiday should be wonderful and carefree!

It is desirable to draw up such an agreement to minimize the risk of the buyer's refusal to enter into a contract of sale at the last minute.

The preliminary agreement must be in writing and notarized. Otherwise, such an agreement will be considered null and void and, accordingly, will not give rise to any legal consequences.

It should be borne in mind that even the conclusion of a proper preliminary agreement will not guarantee the purchase of real estate in Phuket if a potential buyer does not want to. It is impossible, based on a preliminary agreement, to force the buyer to enter into a basic agreement. In case of non-performance of the previous contract, the seller can only claim damages.

In addition, it would be advisable to provide in the preliminary contract for the buyer to provide the seller with an advance, which will be subsequently credited as payment under the main contract. However, if the main contract is not concluded, such an advance will have to be returned, even though quite often, in previous contracts, such funds are called a deposit and provide that if the main contract is not concluded due to the buyer, such funds are not subject.

Registration of purchase and sale of an apartment, as a rule, is carried out in the office of a notary in Phuket.

Welcome to paradise on earth - Phuket Island - one of the most popular and, most importantly, safe places to live and relax in Thailand. The developed infrastructure of the island of Phuket, a large number of entertainment venues, beaches, breathtaking views, and a wide range of coastlines allow you to spend time with family and friends.

The reputation and trust in the quality of the property being built in Phuket are so great that the residents represented on the island regularly participate in international exhibitions, thus attracting buyers from developed countries in America, Europe, and Asia. By buying an apartment in the luxury resort of Phuket, you will not only be able to live in your area throughout your stay in Thailand but also automatically gain access to the extensive condominium infrastructure and all kinds of related services from a real estate agency.