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Did you know that Phuket has a beach with singing sand? Yes, we are not joking - the sand here really creaks musically. If you want to hear its "songs", then come to Karon beach, which is located between Patong and Kata beach. Such an unusual squeaking of sand is explained by the high content of salt and quartz in it. Moreover, the sand grains here are much larger than on other beaches in Phuket.

Karon is one of the longest beaches on Phuket Island - its length is about 3.5 km. The beach strip is wide, but there is little natural shade, as trees are mainly found in the northern part of Karon. In the center of the beach, the only way you can hide from the sun is by renting sun loungers and umbrellas.Closer to the evening, volleyball nets are set up and everyone is welcome to play beach volleyball.

The bottom is sandy, but the entry into the water is sudden, the depth begins almost immediately. On the beach, you can rent surfboards, jet skis, fly with a parachute, and ride a banana inflatable. Here you can also rent a longtail - a long-nosed boat on which locals will gladly take you to the neighboring islands.

A road stretches along the beach, separated from the coastline by trees and green lawns. There is a promenade along the sea, where you can take a pleasant stroll in the evening. There are numerous hotels and restaurants on the other side of the road. There are also shops, mini-markets, and pharmacies.

In the northern part of Karon Beach, there is a picturesque lake with a walking path around it. There is also a cool playground closer to the roundabout.

In the southern part of Karon, closer to Kata Beach, there is a popular place called Dino Park. It is a theme restaurant and a mini-golf court with caves and dinosaurs. The park will be fun for both children and adults. If you go further towards the center of the island, then on the street parallel to the beach you will find lots of restaurants, bars, tour companies, massage parlors, and mini-markets. There is also a night market, near the Buddhist temple Wat Karon, open on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 15:00 - 21:00. Here you will feel the characteristic atmosphere of traditional Thai night markets - street musicians, fruits, fresh seafood, food trolleys offering roti pancakes or fried ice cream, stores with beachwear, leather goods, and much more - there is absolutely everything here.

Not everyone knows, but the hiking trail to the Big Buddha temple starts approximately in the center of the island. The path, that is about 1 km long, goes up the hill through the jungle. If you decide to go up to the temple, be sure to wear closed shoes and bring water. 

Seasonality, waves

The water in Karon is warm. From December to March water temperature ranges from +26 to +30 degrees Celsius and is very clear. During the winter months, the sea is usually calm, but waves can sometimes occur.

The main feature of this beach is that it is not located in a bay. There is an open sea right in front of Karon, so the changes in weather and seasons are very noticeable here. In the period from April to October, the sea is often stormy, as are all beaches on the western coast of Phuket. Another danger that is noticeable at Karon is reverse currents. From April to October, it is necessary to enter the water with great care and only in specially designated places, indicated by permissive flags. Lifeguards are always present. Be extremely careful. 

Who it will suit

Karon Beach is suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, young adults, and families with children. Usually, though, you will find lots of tourists here. Young people choose Karon for its proximity to the party-going Patong - you can get there on a taxi or tuk-tuk in 7-10 minutes. 

Real Estate

Karon has a lot of hotels of various classes, inexpensive guesthouses, and hostels. The closer to the first line, the higher the price, which is logical. On the second line, about 1 km from the beach, there are several popular condominiums. The cost of renting apartments in them is kept at an average level. The longer the lease term, the more price efficient the accommodation will be.

Several residential complexes are currently being built here, where you can purchase an apartment for your own residence or use it to get passive rental income. If you want to learn about all of the possible options here, email us or give us a call! 


How to get here

It will take you about 45-50 minutes to get from the airport to Karon Beach. If you are navigating by yourself follow the signs for Karon Beach, Kata Beach, or Patong Beach. Karon is located right in the middle of these beaches.

You can also get to Karon on songthaew, a public bus, from the center of Phuket town.


Phuket International Airport 45 km

Bangkok Hospital 20 km

Makro (Makro food service) 2 km

Kata Night Market 1 km

Mae Somchit Kata Fresh Market (Mondays and Thursdays from 12:00 until 21:00) 1,1 km

Wat Karon market (Saturdays and Tuesdays from 15:00 until 21:00) 3,8 km

Karon Viewpoint 5,6 km

Big Buddha 14 km

Villa Market 7 km

Rawai Park 11 km

Patong Beach 9 км

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