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The picturesque Kata Noi beach is located in the southwestern part of Phuket, just south of Kata Beach. The road that leads to Kata Noi ends at a dead-end, running into one of the most luxurious hotels in Phuket. This beach is separated from Kata Beach by a small hill. Apparently, that's why the locals have decided that it was a part of Kata beach, but a small one - "noi" in Thai. The length of Kata Noi Beach is about 700 meters. The width of the coastline ranges from 5 to 30 meters depending on the season and the strength of the tide.

The beach is located in a small cove surrounded on both sides by tropical hills. The sand on the beach is fine, almost white, making the water glisten with turquoise hue in the sun. Entry into the water is smooth, the bottom is sandy, without corals and stones. Due to Kata Noi’s peculiar location, the water is slightly saltier than on other beaches in Phuket.

Kata Noi’s coastline almost entirely belongs to five-star hotels. If you aren’t staying in one of them, you can still enter the beach through the entrance between Katathani Hotel and the restaurant. You can get a quick lunch or catch a gorgeous sunset over the Andaman sea for dinner at this seaside restaurant.

You can also rent sun loungers and an umbrella to relax in a shade. Renting a pair of sun loungers with an umbrella will be a little pricier than at other beaches - about 250 baht for the whole day. Please note that since the coastline is small and occupied by hotels, there is no natural shade at this beach.

If you want to enjoy a Thai massage on the shore, there are several outdoor tents set up for you to choose from.

If you walk to the southernmost edge of Kata Noi Beach, you will find a small Thai restaurant with tables right among the large boulders on the hill. The restaurant is tucked in the shade of tropical trees. From here you can get a beautiful view of the entire Kata Noi Bay! Despite its simple setting, it offers delicious food with the peculiar traditional Thai presentation. If you go down to the beach here, don't forget to take a diving mask with you - flocks of tropical fish scurry among the large stones. Sometimes you can even catch sight of the moray eel here.

Along the road that runs outside of the hotels, you can find souvenir shops, mini markets, ateliers, pharmacies, and restaurants with European and Thai cuisines. There is also a fish restaurant where you can enjoy freshly prepared seafood caught by local fishermen.

The second entrance to the beach is located at the very north of Kata Noi. Here, a wooden staircase descends down the hill from the road to the beach. There is a small fork in front of the beach - if you turn right and follow the path on the hill, you will find yourself at a stylish restaurant right on the cliff above the water!

On this side of the beach, you can also rent sun loungers and umbrellas. During low tide, you can hide among nearby boulders from the sun. Quite often couples set up photoshoots here - the atmosphere is very beautiful and romantic!

At the center of the beach, you can rent a jet ski or fly with a parachute attached to the boat. You can also ride a banana - this activity is loved by tourists of any age!

Seasonality, waves

Kata Noi Beach is located on the west coast of Phuket, so it is prone to the island's seasonal quirks. From November to March the sea is beautifully calm, with a smooth entry into the clean and transparent water.

From April to October, the sea is usually stormy, the waves sometimes reach 1.5-2 m - a paradise for surfers and wave seekers. If you prefer calm waters, check out Tri Trang, Ao Yon or Naithon beaches.

However, despite the seasonality, the water is warm all year round - the temperature fluctuates between 28 and 32 degrees.

Lifeguards are present all year round, ensuring safety and displaying multi-colored flags depending on the weather and wave height.

Who it will suit

Kata Noi Beach is located very close to the popular Kata Beach but differs from it in many ways. This beach is preferred by people who value comfort, tranquility, high level of service, but at the same time the proximity of infrastructure, as this area primarily offers high-end luxury hotels. European tourists and families with children often choose this area for their vacations. There are no noisy bars and clubs here, so nothing will disturb your rest.

During low season, you can always see surfers riding the waves.


Real Estate

High-class hotels and luxury property are concentrated in this area. Here you can rent a room or a villa in one of the five-star hotels. We can also find you an apartment or a villa on the hill near Kata Noi - views of stunning sunsets, the Andaman Sea, and nearby cliffs overflowing with tropical flora will surely steal your breath away.

We can offer you a luxury villa or penthouse for rent or purchase, walking distance to the beach. 

Keep in mind that the area is considered prestigious and expensive, so finding real estate here in mid and lower price ranges will be impossible.

How to get here

You won’t be able to utilize public transport to get here. However, you can walk to the northern slope of Kata Noi from Kata Beach.

If you are getting here on a car or a bike - you’ll have to follow the road with the dead end. Finding parking for a car here during high season can be incredibly difficult. If you get here on a bike - drive directly to the beach restaurant near the Katatani hotel, bike parking shouldn’t be a problem.


International Airport 47 km

Bangkok Hospital 20 km

Makro (Makro food service) 3,3 km 

Kata Night Market 2,8 km

Mae Somchit Kata Fresh Market (Mondays and Thursdays from 12:00 to 21:00) 2,9 km

Wat Karon market (Tuesdays and Saturdays, from 15 — 21:00.) 5,8 km

Karon Viewpoint 3,6 km

Villa Market 7,2 km

Rawai Park 9 km

Patong Beach 13 km

Big Buddha Temple 14 km

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