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Nai Harn

Phuket , Thailand
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"The most beautiful beach in Phuket!" - this is how tourists and residents of Phuket talk about Nai Harn beach. Some sources even go as far as calling Naiharn one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world!

It is a small yet very picturesque and cozy beach in the south of the island which is surrounded by the magnificent green hills of Promthep Cape. The bay in which Naiharn is located fascinates with its views and colors. Golden sand, bright turquoise water, gorgeous island right opposite the beach, a hotel descending from the hill to the water like a waterfall, a lake, and a park, which are located right next to the beach - all this can be found at the magical Nai Harn! From November to March, sailing and ordinary yachts moor in the calm waters of the bay, adding romance and a pinch of Mediterranean flavor.

Despite the relatively short length of the beach, 1 km, there is enough space for everyone to relax as the coastline is wide and flat. But it should be noted that there is almost no natural shade on the beach itself, so to hide from the scorching Phuket sun, you can either rent a sun lounger and an umbrella or bring your own.

There are 3 hotels in close proximity to the beach (less than a 2 minute walk). One of them - The Nai Harn - is located directly above the water on the right side of the beach (if you are facing the sea). Here, at the foot of the hotel's stairs, you can use one of the freshwater showers.

Right along the beach line there are several restaurants that serve Thai cuisine and shops with beach accessories and souvenirs. Massages are offered right on the beach.

By the way, Nai Harn is one of the only popular beaches of Phuket where there are no noisy water activities (jet skis, banana rides, or parasailing behind a motorboat). However, here you can rent kayaks or paddle boards to swim to the island opposite the beach. On the way you can enjoy watching schools of fish dance among the corals - the water is so transparent and clean that the visibility reaches 10-12 meters.

Nearby - a 2 minute ride along the picturesque road above the sea - there is the famous observation deck “Windmill”. It is also only about 2 km away from the southernmost point of Phuket - Promthep Cape. You can take a walk here. We advise you to come to Promthep at dawn - there are breathtaking colors and views!


Seasonality and waves

The water temperature throughout the year stays between +26 and +30 degrees Celsius.

The best time for leisurely swimming and relaxation on Nai Harn is from November to March - during this time of the year, the sea is completely calm, the waves are quite rare. The rainy and monsoon season begins at the end of April. The sea is stormy during this period, the waves sometimes reach a height of 2-2.5 m. Relaxing in the water at this time of the year is unlikely to work, but jumping in the waves or mastering a surfboard will work just great! However, sometimes the sea is so stormy that lifeguards don't let even the most experienced surfers into the water.

During the rainy season, yachts are moored on the east coast of the island. The number of tourists on Naiharn does not decrease throughout the year.


Who it will suit


Nai Harn Beach is popular with families with children, as well as with winterers and expats. It is comfortable to spend your vacation here, because there are many European, as well as Thai restaurants. There are also places for transport rental and tour services. Long stays for families with children at Nai Harn are comfortable as there are international and Thai kindergartens, as well as international and Russian schools nearby. The road from Nai Harn to the popular children's complex "Rawai Park" will take 5 minutes on a car or bike.

Naiharn is also often chosen for yoga tours or sports campings. At Nai Harn, and in the neighboring Rawai district, there are gyms and specialized rings for Thai boxing, as well as workout grounds.


Real Estate

There are 3 high-class hotels in the immediate vicinity of Naiharn Beach. You can rent a room there for both, short and long term stays. If you go a little deeper towards the center of the island, then about 1 km from the beach, just behind the lake, a densely built-up area begins. Here you can choose accommodation for rent in Phuket for any period, as well as in different price categories.

Popular condominiums are located here, where you can rent or buy apartments with different views, from green mountains to the Andaman Sea. Here you can also stay in luxury villas with their own pools and territory - in the south of Phuket, there are several closed villa complexes that will suit even the most discerning guests.


How to get here

Using public transport, you can get to Naiharn from the bus station in Phuket Town in about an hour and it will cost about 50 baht.

But we recommend getting here on a car or a bike as from the road that passes over the sea, you can take in the breathtaking views of the island, the sea, and the nearest islands.



International airport 45 km

Bangkok Hospital 18 km

Central Festival 17 km

Makro Rawai supermarket 7 km

Tesco Lotus 7 km

Villa Market 10 km

Rawai Park Children's Park 4 km

Sea gypsies village, fish market 5 km

WindMill ViewPoint 2 km

Promthep cape 2 km

Big Buddha 15 km

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