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Natai Beach

Phuket , Thailand
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Despite the fact that Natai beach is located outside of Phuket island, we believe it is right to add it with the rest of the island's beaches! Let us explain why.

Natai Beach is located just 6 km from Phuket on the Thai mainland. You can come here on the way to Khao Lak Nature Reserve, or stay at one of the properties offered here. The wide coastline, white sand, and a turquoise clear sea - what can be more relaxing? There are also several coral reefs here - make sure to bring a mask with you, as its a perfect place for snorkeling!

Over the past 5 years, the real estate and tourist infrastructure of this area has been actively developing. Several 5-star hotels have opened up here. Some of them have direct access to the beach - which is quite rare in Phuket due to the lack of land on the beach.

Please note that the sun loungers and umbrellas are not available for outside visitors, but only for hotel and resort guests. However, the shade from the trees is usually more than enough and you can always hide from the sun in the grove right on the sand or a towel.

There are also several restaurants (both in hotels and individual ones), where you can enjoy Thai and European cuisines while overlooking the ocean. If you want to see a truly authentic Thai village, then you can go a little further away from the beach and you will surely find one of the local villages with their unique flavor and atmosphere.

There is a mangrove forest that stretches along a winding river. Here you can rent a boat and ride among the mangroves, watching the wildlife of the tropics.

In the southern part of the beach, closer to Phuket, there is a pier. Local fishermen moor their boats here - if you want to see them with their catch, we advise you to come to the pier early in the morning or at sunset. You can also buy fresh seafood from them.

When visiting Natai Beach, be sure to check out Hot Springs. This is a favorite place for both tourists and the locals themselves. You can relax in the warm waters and explore what the resort has to offer for only 400 baht. You can also stay the night here in one of the hotels’ gorgeous rooms. 

Waves, seasonality 

Like most of Phuket's popular beaches, Natai Beach faces west - you can fully appreciate the beauty of the sunsets over the Andaman Sea. However, for the same reason, the high season here is from November to March. During this period, the water is calm, entry into the water is smooth and safe. To reach the deeper end you’ll have to walk for about 10 meters. 

The coastline is wide - in some places takes up to 60 meters. The shadow can always be found in the grove along the coast.

Between April and October, this beach becomes a great spot for surfing - the waves are high, and there is enough space for everyone!

Who it will suit

Natai Beach is suitable for those who love a secluded, calm vacation, bright colors of nature, and comfort. It should be noted that for some reason this beach is unpopular among Russian-speaking tourists. It is mostly preferred by Europeans, Americans, and Australians.

During high season it will be comfortable for families with kids, as well as for those who enjoy snorkeling. During low season, Natai beach is preferred by surfers, as the waves here get very high!

How to get here

You can take a taxi from Phuket Airport to Natai Beach, which will take you about 20-30 minutes, depending on which hotel or section of the beach you are staying at (Natai beach stretches for over 10 km!)

You can't get here on public transport. However, if you rent a car or bike, then after the Sarasin Bridge, going away from Phuket, after around 4 km you will see a turn into Baba Beach Club - feel free to turn onto this road and in a few minutes, you will find yourself at the turquoise sea!

Real Estate 

Natai beach area is actively developing. So far, there is no construction of large residential complexes, but you can rent or purchase one of the luxurious villas in close proximity to the beach (in Phuket, for example, this is a great rarity). And since the area has not yet gained popularity, the prices here are more attractive than anywhere else in Phuket.

Villas can be rented for both short and long term stay.

You can also stay in one of the hotels on the shore.



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