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Surin Beach

Phuket , Thailand
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Imagine - a great bay with glistening aquamarine water, wide coastline and fine white sand, lush greenery all safely tucked away in seclusion, away from civilization. This is an exact view that unravels in front of your eyes at Surin Beach. Surin beach - approximately 800 meters in length is located on the northwestern coast of Phuket, between Bang Tao and Patong. It used to be very busy, buzzing with life and tourists - hundreds of loungers, night clubs, restaurants right at the edge of the water, food trolleys were all scattered along the beach. However, local authorities ordered the dismantling of all infrastructure and officially connected the beach territory to a nearby national park. Nowadays you won’t be able to enjoy such a great variety of entertainment here, but on the other hand, you’ll definitely enjoy the gorgeous views of the beach. 

In the central part of the beach, right behind the trees, there is a Buddhist temple. Next to it locals sometimes organize a “floating” market. Here you can get fruits, local Thai food, souvenirs, and beach accessories. Next to the temple, you can also use a paid bathroom.

Waves, seasonality

Surin beach is located nearly at the center of the west coast of Phuket. The water temperature ranges from 26 to 32 degrees Celsius.  

During high season, from November to March, the water is calm, entry into the water is smooth with fine sand, however sometimes after going through a deeper end, you might end up on a shallower footing. 

This peculiar structure of the beach turns it into an attraction during low season. In the summer months (from June to Septemeber) waves here are very strong and can even throw you off your feet. Going for an enjoyable swim here will only be possible during the early morning hours. 

Trees grow along the coast, but due to its breadth, the shade doesn’t reach the water. Tidal changes aren’t noticeable here. 

Who it will suit

Surin will suit those who enjoy a calm vacation in the midst of nature. The northern part of the beach is the quietest without any infrastructure in sight, it may even seem as if you are away on one of the nearby islands. Surin is all about enjoying a quiet day, tender sea, soft whisper of the waves, and a lullaby of the bird songs. Surin beach is usually favored by the richer class of people, as the real estate nearby is in the higher price category. This can be explained by the limited availability of thereof. Even condominiums found here are considered a premium class. 

Real estate

There are no hotels or condos right on the beach, as construction here is prohibited. However, there are several condominiums for short and long term rent walking distance from the beach. Life in this area is calm and convenient, but moving around will be limited to taxis or rented transport. Patong can be reached in just 20 mins by the road that runs along the coast. 

You can also purchase apartments here for your own use or for investment opportunities. However, finding a villa here will be a bit problematic. If you are set on purchasing or renting a villa, we recommend checking out the area between Surin and Bang Tao. 

How to get here

The trip to Surin Beach from Phuket International Airport on a taxi or your own car will take about 30 mins through picturesque roads. From Phuket Town, you can get here on a songthaew in about 40 mins. If you like walking, a hike from Bang Tao will take about 40 mins. 

International Airport 23 km

Bangkok Hospital 23 km

Central Festival 23 km

Makro 12 km

Tesco Lotus Thalang 12 km

Villa Market Boat Avenue 5 km

Lemonade Club 5 km

WindMill ViewPoint 32 km

Promthep cape 34 km

Big Buddha 38 km

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