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About Us:

Welcome to Thailand and InDreams Phuket!

Since 2009, we have been actively involved in the rapid development of the Thai real estate market and are ready to share our knowledge and experience with you. The company's office is located on the island of Phuket - this is the most popular and prestigious resort in Thailand and the whole of Southeast Asia

Being a client of InDreams is:


The process of buying real estate begins with a selection of options, and the more choice, the more likely you are to find exactly what you need. On there are more than 1,600 actual real estate properties from developers and private owners. We carry out verification and objective assessment. Site visitors highly appreciate the convenient and intuitive system for searching and sorting objects.


At first glance, the work of a real estate agency is simple. One sells, the other buys, the agency helps them find each other. In fact, everything is much more complicated, especially in a foreign country. We need experience at all stages of the transaction: correctly assess the market value and liquidity of the object, foresee and exclude all risks, check documents and draw up a purchase and sale agreement in accordance with local legislation, register real estate. This is not a problem for InDreams Phuket, this is what we have been doing for over 10 years.

Got it

International Real Estate Agency, and we speak English, Russian, Thai, Chinese and many other languages. We speak with you in your native language, we understand your mentality, we respect traditions and laws and the taxation system not only in Thailand, but also in your home country.


For us, real estate is not a liability. Real estate is an asset. The property should work. Don't just rate money, but multiply your capital, in the short or long term. It should be not only beautiful and comfortable, but also liquid. These are our principles, both we ourselves are guided and in work with our clients. We always analyse and assess the actual and market value of the property, calculate its profitability and the prospect of its value.


We don't have “former clients”. After buying a property, many more questions will arise, and we will always be there to help with their solution. Need to rent out your property? Help with repairs or maintenance? Solve visa issues, arrange children in an international school, open a bank account or take out insurance? Any legal and domestic issues of our clients are our concern.


Agency services for free clients, Moreover, all our clients receive a card of our InDreams Privilege Club. For holders of the card, discounts and the best establishments of the island: restaurants, salons, boutiques and clubs. And, of course, gifts from InDreams!

… We Make Dreams Home

Slogan and the company's mission - Making Dreams Comes Homes or Turning Dreams into Homes. Many people dream of a house by the sea, but for many it remains a dream. We sincerely wish your dream of a home by the sea to come true, just as it did with us and hundreds of our happy clients. And we, for our part, will do our best so that a house by the sea will not only bring you moments of happiness, but become a profitable investment and a reliable investment!

Sincerely, InDreams Phuket