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Ao Sane Beach

Phuket , Thailand
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Want to know about the secret beach in the south of Phuket, tucked away at the foot of the hills in the island's lagoon? We are talking about Ao Sane beach - you will not find any mention of it in popular guidebooks or brochures. And this is not surprising - it is almost impossible to get here in large groups - the road is very narrow, it passes right above the water in the literal sense of the word. Tourist buses, and minibusses, probably, will not be able to pass here.

But independent travelers are simply awed with the breathtaking views on the way to the beach. There is a free parking offered in front of Ao Sane Beach itself. However, if you want to park easily and in peace, we recommend arriving early in the morning. The length of Ao Sane is a little less than 200 meters, but because of the narrow coastal strip, the beach seems very small. The sand here is coarser than, for example, on Nai Harn Beach, with scattered coral chips, but walking along the shore barefoot is comfortable. The entry into the water is quite steep; along the entire beach, there are large boulders in the water. Thanks to this, Ao Sane Beach has become a favorite destination for snorkeling fans and those who love to explore the beauty of the underwater world.

Despite the secrecy of Ao Sane beach, the infrastructure is developing here - you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas. But since most of the beach is protected by the shade of trees, it is not difficult to find natural shade. There is also a restaurant serving Thai and European cuisines. And if you stay in Ao Sane until the evening, we recommend dining here with a colorful sunset view. The tables are almost at the water's edge, and the sunset view here is one of the most gorgeous ones in the south of the island. The cost of food is slightly higher than in other cafes around Phuket, but not by much. The cost of a salad is about 100 baht, a hot dish 180-200 baht, fresh smoothie from 120 baht, a glass of beer 120 baht.

Seasonality, waves

The western coast of Phuket begins at Ao Sane Beach, so the seasonality will be noticeable here. However, the water remains in the range of 28 to 32 degrees. In the period from November to April, Ao Sane is calm, waves are rare, the water is clean and transparent.

But in the period from April to October, the calmness of the water on Ao Sane depends on the weather. There are waves here, just as anywhere else along the west coast. We do recommend assessing your strength and being very cautious when swimming at this beach, especially during this period, as there are many boulders scattered in the water. Since the beach is not very popular, there are no lifeguards on duty.

Who will it suit

Ao Sane is suitable for lovers of solitude, calmness, and comfortable rest, away from the hustle, and tourists. This place is also preferred for snorkeling and diving. There are no active and fun water activities, so familiar to tourists in Phuket. Here yoga fans love to meditate on stones. Parents with children should choose this beach with caution - there is no children’s entertainment here, and large boulders in the water may cause injuries.

Real Estate 

If you are interested in housing right on the beach, your choice will be limited. There are only small one-story Thai style bungalows here, which offer an amazing view of the sea. There are also two hotels within walking distance from the beach. If you are planning to stay near the beach, we recommend considering a property in Nai Harn area. The road to this area will take about 5 minutes, but the variety of housing offered there is much wider. In Nai Harn you can rent both hotel rooms and apartments. For the guests interested in a villa here, we can help find a perfect match.

We also recommend keeping Nai Harn area and the Ao Sane beach in mind for those who are planning to buy real estate for investment, as here you will find both readily available apartments and villa complexes, as well as some projects still under construction.

How to get here

As we have mentioned, public transport and large tourist buses do not go directly to Ao Sane. You can get here by taxi or a rented car. To get to Ao Sane Beach, begin at Nai Harn Beach. If you are facing the sea, then you need to move towards the right side of the beach. Drive through The Naiharn hotel and head straight down the narrow road, enjoying the scenic views around you. After 800 meters you will see the parking lot of Ao Sane Beach.


International airport 45 km

Bangkok Hospital 14 km

Central Festival 18 km

Makro Rawai 5 km

Tesco Lotus supermarket 5 km

Villa Market 10 km

Rawai Park 5 km

WindMill ViewPoint 3 km

Promthep cape 2 km

Nai Harn Beach 1 km

Rawai Beach 6 km

Big Buddha 15 km

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