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Banana Beach

Phuket , Thailand
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On the northwest coast of Phuket, a small cozy beach can be found, which for some reason is referred to as Banana beach. Banana trees do not grow here, the coastline overflows with the lush greenery of coniferous casuarinas and tropical palm trees. Banana Beach is tucked away at the foot of a cliff in the bay between the grand Bang Tao (northern part of Layan) and calm Naithon Beach. Banana Beach borders with closed-off territories of premium hotels. The area is quiet and calm as there is no noise from cars or boats. This beach has been hidden away from the tourists for quite some time, as it is nearly invisible from the road.

Banana Beach stretches out for about 200 meters. The coastline is divided in half by the fragments of the fallen cliff that once towered over. Banana is separated from the neighboring beaches by large boulders forming cliffs. You can usually catch sight of photoshoots here - couples in love or people taking pictures as souvenirs from the wonderful vacation spent on the paradise island of Phuket.

At Banana Beach, you can rent special beach mattresses and sun umbrellas for sunbathing and rest, but you won’t be able to find sun loungers here. On the other hand, the natural shade falling from the crowns of trees and nearby palms is usually more than enough to hide from the scorching sun, even at noon.

There is a seaside cafe on the beach. Prices are higher than average for Phuket, but guests can take advantage of freshwater showers. There are no shops with inexpensive street food or minimarkets nearby. Therefore, if you plan to spend the day at this beach, make sure to take snacks and drinks with you.

Waves, seasonality 

The coastline is not wide. The beach is prone to ebb and flow - at high tide, sometimes the water rises all the way to the trees. Be careful when leaving things on the shore - the water can rise quite quickly!

From November to March, swimming on Banana Beach is comfortable for everyone, without exception - the water is warm, practically without waves. The entrance to the sea is gradual, without steep slopes. The sand, although coarse, gently crumples under your steps.

Be careful - during high tide, stones can be hidden under the water, especially on the right side of the beach - without knowing the intricacies of the underwater layout, you could get injured. But at low tide, you can search for underwater treasures in forms of shells and coral fragments. Thanks to the stones, you can swim with a mask and a snorkel here - flocks of fish and little crabs will delight you with their presence.

From April to October, the waves on this side of the island are quite strong. Banana Beach is no exception. Due to the proximity of the stones to the entrance into the water, swimming in waves can be traumatic!

Who it will suit

During the winter months, when Phuket is in high season, Banana Beach is suitable for everyone, without exception - it is beautiful, calm, quiet, and pleasant here. To get to the beach you will have to take the stairs that pass through the shaded greenery of bushes. Don’t worry, it won’t be tiring! This beach is preferred by Russian families with children, as well as young couples who love taking pictures against the natural backdrop of the bay and the azure sea.

During the summer months, when the waves are raging on the west side of Phuket, you won't be able to swim here. However, this beach will be perfect as a secluded haven where you can reconnect with nature, enjoy the sound of the waves, and perhaps meditate.

How to get here

As with many outlying northwestern points, public transport does not run past Banana Beach. You can get here by taxi - a trip from the airport will take about 30 minutes and cost 600-700 baht. If you drive from Phuket town, then you will spend about 40 minutes on the road, paying 700-800 baht.

If you rent a car or a bike, then getting here won’t be difficult. On the main road between Bang Tao and Naithon, you will definitely see a small "pocket" by the road and parked cars and bikes. Carefully park nearby and go down to the beach. Here you are!

Real Estate 

Since Banana Beach is located at the foot of the cliff, and itself is very small, there is no housing directly on the beach. The nearest hotels are Anantara Resort and Trisara Resort. If you want to rent an apartment or a villa near Banana Beach, then pay attention to hotels or furnished apartments on Naithon. There are plenty to choose from here!

Also, Banana Beach is located very close to the promising and developing Layan Beach. Several residential complexes are currently under construction here, where you can purchase an apartment or a spacious penthouse either to rent to it out or stay in it yourself. 

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