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Kamala Beach

Phuket , Thailand
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Kamala beach - one of the quietest beaches in Phuket. For a long time, this beach was a haven for local residents who lived nearby. However, in recent years, this quiet and peaceful area started gaining more popularity among tourists and expats.

Kamala beach is about 2 km in length and it must be said that different parts of the beach are equipped for different activities. The southern part of the beach (closest to Patong) is not suitable for swimming - here you will come across large boulders scattered around the entrance into the water and garbage that gets washed up. Moreover, fishermen like to moor their boats here. On the other hand, the central and northern parts of Kamala are well equipped - there are several hotels, umbrellas and sun loungers are installed along the entire coastline. Renting an umbrella and a sun lounger for a day will cost about 100 baht. There is almost no natural shade, so we advise you to either rent an umbrella or bring it with you - the sun in Phuket can get very hot!

The coastline is not wide - only 20-30 meters. Therefore, during high season, sun loungers and umbrellas are installed almost at the water's edge. If you want to get the first line, it is worth arriving early - imagine how great it will be to lay right next to the crashing waves!

Despite the fact that the beach is considered quiet and calm, it has everything you may need for a good rest - massage parlors, shops, restaurants, cafes, street vendors for souvenirs, beach accessories, and Thai street food.

“Fantasy” show - one of the most popular evening shows in Phuket can be found here as well. Tourists and residents travel from all over the island to spend an evening here. Fantasy is one of the largest amusement parks on the island! Prices for the show range from 1650 baht per person.

Phuket’s nightlife is notorious and those who love a great party scene definitely heard about Cafe Del Mar. The famous Del Mar chain has recently opened this club here. It frequently hosts pop stars, theme parties, brunches, and discos both day and night. Café del Mar Phuket is located in the northern part of Kamala.

You can find lots of fun activities on the beach, such as kayaking, renting a water scooter or banana inflatable, parachute over the coast, or go snorkeling.

Seasonality, waves 

Kamala beach is located on the west coast of Phuket, so it is subject to seasonal winds and currents. The water temperature ranges from 26 to 32 degrees Celsius. During the high season, from November to March, the sea is calm. There are practically no waves, which makes it perfect for swimming with kids. But in the period from April to October, Kamala is only suitable for experienced surfers - due to the peculiar structure of the coastline, the waves in the northern part of the beach sometimes reach 3 m. In addition, there are coral reefs near the coast, making the passing waves even more powerful. That is why countless red flags run along the coastline, warning about the danger of swimming.

Who it will suit

During high season, the calm, warm waters of the Andaman Sea on Kamala Beach are suitable for absolutely everyone, young and old. Parents with kids favor this beach as the area around it is peaceful and hosts of all the necessary infrastructure. Adults prefer Kamala due to the quiet, the presence of shops and markets, and the ability to quickly get to Patong or the center of the island.

In the period from June to September, when the strongest waves hit this coast of Phuket, you will meet surfers and outdoor enthusiasts here.

Lifeguards are present at this beach and even on the most inclement day, when the red flags are standing, they can be seen overseeing the tourists' safety.

How to get here

From Phuket International Airport to Kamala Beach the travel time by car will be around 40 minutes. The road takes you along the coast, making it very picturesque and pleasant. You can also get here by taxi from Patong, by bus from Phuket Town (Old Town in the center of the island) or by boat from the neighboring beaches.

Real Estate

Kamala is a very actively developing area. Here you will find property for every taste - both for rent and for purchase. The entire coastline is taken up by hotels, but if you go a little further you'll find villas, residential complexes, and condominiums.

You can choose to rent an apartment for a vacation or wintering in Phuket. Kamala is a quiet area, allowing you to conveniently get around Phuket to international schools, as well as to the entire infrastructure - entertainment and shopping centers, sports complexes, restaurants, and bars.

In March 2019, Intercontinental hotel,the famous world chain, opened one of its hotel's doors in Kamala. This hotel offers the highest level of service. The opening of such a high-class hotel will boost property prices in the Kamala area.

In addition, the demand for real estate in this area has been growing, since Kamala is relatively close to the central and southwestern parts of the island, where the infrastructure is now 100% developed. At the same time, the short distance from the airport and from the northern sparsely populated beaches make this area even more attractive.


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