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Kata beach is one of the three busiest and most visited beaches in Phuket. It is popular with not only the Russian-speaking tourists but Europeans, Americans, Australians. Even locals are very fond of Kata Beach and often set up picnics and gatherings with friends on the shore. Such popularity is easy to explain. A lengthy pristine beach, clear turquoise water, a shady grove along the entire coastline, developed infrastructure for living and recreation, many shops, restaurants, markets, proximity to major attractions and viewpoints - this is just a short list of the many advantages of Kata Beach. Kata's selling point - photos of the beach with azure waters and a small green island not far off the coast.

Kata Beach stretches for almost one and a half kilometers on the southwestern coast of Phuket. You can walk on the promenade that flows along the beach, in the cool shades of trees. Next to the promenade, there is a road that runs along the beach from Kata Noi to Karon. There is a five-star hotel, a public park, a children's playground, and a sports ground, all right across the road. There is also a surf house, in the southern part of the beach, with artificial waves, where you can either surf independently or ask an instructor to guide you through the process, starting with how to hold on to the mini-surf. During high season, the road along the beach is closed for cars from Friday to Sunday, as it hosts a market with shops selling local souvenirs, clothes and swimwear, toys for children, food trolleys (mobile Thai cafes with takeaway food), and lots more.

A shady grove stretches along the entire beach, creating a perfect shade even at noon. You can rent sun loungers and umbrellas here which will cost around 200 baht for the whole day. 

you want to rent a water scooter or ride a banana inflatable attached to a boat - look no further! There are several places around Kata Beach that offer these activities. There local merchants will also entice you to fly over the sea with a parachute connected to the boat - trust me, its one of the most incredible experiences!

You can only access two parts of Kata beach - either the northern or the southern parts of the beach. The rest of the beach is private, only guests of the Club Mediterranee Hotel are allowed. There is a street that runs parallel to the beach, about 300 m away from the water. At first, it may seem that you are caught in a small buzzing hive - life here is in full swing day and evening. There are dozens of restaurants and small cafes here specializing in cuisines from all over the world, including several popular Russian restaurants. Massage parlors, mini-markets, ateliers, pharmacies, stores selling leather goods, souvenirs, beach accessories, and sporting goods - everything is in abundance here.

Seasonality and waves

Throughout the year the water temperature ranges from +26 to +30 degrees Celsius. The entry into the water is very gradual. The sand is fine, crumbly, and dense. Like the rest of Phuket's west coast beaches, Kata Beach is subject to seasonality. The sea is calm and safe from November to March, with rare waves, comfortable enough even for children.

However, from April to October, the sea changes its character. Waves on Kata can sometimes reach 2-2.5 meters, making it a perfect place for surfing training during the summer. There is also a surf school with Russian-speaking instructors, offering surfboard rentals. Classes at the surf school can be taken by both adults and children. The instructor will choose a safe location depending on the area of the beach and the skills of the participant.

Lifeguards on the beach are present all year round. Besides raging waves, the underwater currents are an additional hazard during low season. Be careful - if you see red flags, consider swimming at a different section of the beach. 

Who it will suit

Regardless of whether you came for a couple of weeks, or if you are planning to stay in Phuket for a couple of years, Kata Beach is suitable for everyone, without exception. Families with small children, teenagers, couples in love, seniors, and surfers will enjoy their time here. Oh, and there is no need to worry about the language barrier - any merchant or waiter will be able to communicate with you in broken Russian or using sign language.

Real Estate

Kata Beach offers a grand variety of hotels for any budget. Condominiums in the mid-price range can be found further away from the beach for either short or long term rent. Gated residences with luxury villas are located on a hill closer to Kata Noi.

Kata Beach is one of the most popular options for investment at the moment. The flow of tourists here does not stop even during low season, which means that the apartment complexes are almost always full. We can help you find an apartment or penthouse here with beautiful sea views for rent and for purchase. 


How to get here

You can get to Kata Beach by songthaew - a public bus that runs around Phuket from the old town to the beach areas.

To get to Kata Beach from the airport, it will take about an hour by car and will cost 700-880 baht. If you rent your own car, getting to Kata Beach from anywhere on the island won’t be hard - simply follow the signs on the roads. 

You can park in the parking lots at the end of the beach and along the entire coastline (except on the days when the road along the sea is blocked for the market). 



Phuket International Airport 45 km

Bangkok Hospital 20 km

Makro (Makro food service) 2 km

Kata Night Market 1 km

Mae Somchit Kata Fresh Market (Mondays and Thursdays from 12:00 until 21:00) 1,1 km

Wat Karon market (Saturdays and Tuesdays from 15:00 until 21:00) 3,8 km

Karon Viewpoint 5,6 km

Villa Market 9,2 km

Dino Park 1,5 km

Rawai Park 11 km

Patong Beach 11 km

Big Buddha 13 km

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