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Tri Trang Beach

Phuket , Thailand
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Tri Trang beach is located just 2,5 km away from the south point of Patong Beach, but at the same time, it doesn’t look like anything close to the lively, buzzing center of the island. It is always quiet and calm here, without waves all year round, therefore when all of Phuket’s west coast hosts surfers, Tri Trang remains unchanged. Tri Trang is about 700 meters in length, but it’s hard to determine the exact breadth of the coastline. The sand here is fine, grayish in color. Right by the water, you can find tiny shells and coral pieces. 

Tri Trang stands for “crystal clear” and “emerald”, and that is exactly how you can describe this beach - crystal clear water with a gorgeous emerald hue. But that’s only during high tide! Therefore if you are planning to visit this beach, make sure to check out the tide schedule in advance or you might risk not being able to swim, due to lots of rocks being scattered around the bottom during low tide. 

The best part of Tri Trang - its right side (if you are facing the sea). The entrance into the water here is the smoothest, and this corner is always shielded from waves and winds by nearby cliffs. 

Here in the shade of trees, you can rent sun loungers (about 200 baht for a couple of loungers for the whole day). There are also lots of fun activities for those who enjoy water sports - you can rent jet skis, kayaks, parachutes to glide above the water, and banana inflatables. There is also a net for volleyball games and special tables for tennis. 

There are lots of massage parlors and cafes to choose from here. Price per dish is average - a portion of traditional Pad Thai will cost around 180 baht, and a glass of local Thai beer - around 100 baht. 

There are a couple of small food trolleys selling iced teas and smoothies. 

At the exit from the beach, there are paid showers and a bathroom. Parking can be found right by the entrance to the beach. 

Seasonality, waves

Tri Trang beach has no waves all year round, and the water temperature ranges from 26 to 31 degrees Celsius. The main downside of this beach is the tide schedule - during low tide, swimming is impossible as all of the underwater boulders will be exposed. However, during high tide, the entry into the water will be smooth and perfect. 

Who it will suit

Tri Trang is usually chosen by tourists who would like a secluded and quiet vacation during high season - November-March, and by those who come over to Phuket from April to October, as this is one of the only beaches without waves during those months. Here you will see both elderly European tourists, and young adults relaxing during the day or passing by in the evening on the way to Patong. This beach is also perfect for families with children as the entrance into the water is smooth and shallow, and the water reaches maximum temperature.  

How to get here

You can get here from Patong on a taxi, tuk-tuk, or a car in less than 5 minutes. The price of a tuk-tuk, or a taxi will be about 250-300 baht. Those who like to walk, usually get to Tri Trang by walking - the walk from the bridge in the southmost point of Patong will take about 20 mins. Make sure to grab water - it is a bit of a hike. 

If you decide to come here on your own car, take note that you won’t be able to pass through the hotel located right on the beach. On the road junction in front of the hotel, turn left, and at the next junction take a right, following the signs to Tri Trang beach. Be careful - there will be a pretty steep slope downwards to the beach. 

Real Estate 

There are several hotels right on the beach in the mid to high price category. If you are planning to stay here for a vacation consider renting a room in one of the hotels or a villa located a bit higher up on the hill. It will be comfortable for you to both enjoy the secluded beach and always be less than 5 minutes away from the festive Patong. 

If you are planning to purchase real estate for investment, we recommend you take a look at the condominiums located in the south of Patong - its a perfect spot due to the proximity to Tri Trang beach, Patong’s infrastructure and other south beaches of Phuket. 

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