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You have probably seen photos of longtail boats with colorful flags tied up on the nose, moored next to the turquoise waters. These photos are Phuket’s main advertisement channels. They are usually taken at the south part of Phuket - here, in Rawai. The infrastructure for rest and enjoyment here is the most developed on the island. However, there is one downside - you won’t be able to swim here, as the beach is highly affected by the tidal changes and the sand is mixed in with rocks and sludge. However, over the last 5 years, Rawai has won over the people’s hearts and is now as popular as the neighboring area - Naiharn. And it’s not surprising - you can find absolutely everything here for a great vacation, peaceful living, or a short term move. Hundreds of restaurants offering Thai, European and Russian cuisines, cafes, pancake shops, food trolleys selling Thai delicacies - for a first-timer, it is truly a food paradise. Rawai beach stretches out for 2 km along the south coast of Phuket. There is a promenade right next to the beach with benches, where you can relax in the cold shade of trees or with the view of the Andaman sea. We recommend trying fresh seafood at one of the restaurants right here on the promenade. Dinner on the beach with a picturesque view of the sea and a scattering of nearby small islands will definitely be a memorable experience! 

Rawai attracts families with children from all over the island, as it hosts one of the most popular kids clubs - Rawai Park. While the kids are having fun playing in the game room or enjoying a swim in the pool, parents can relax at the club’s cafe. 

If you walk along the promenade towards the left side of the beach, you’ll reach a pier that extends for about 300 meters into the water. You can take a walk here, watching how local fishermen and sailors moor their boats. You can also rent a boat here and escape to one of the nearby islands. 

Next to the pier, you’ll find a fresh seafood market, where you can explore everything the sea has to offer and get the freshest catch. You can actually then take your purchase to one of the restaurants behind you and they’ll cook it up for you for a very nice price. 

There is a myriad of little shops here as well, selling pearl jewelry and souvenirs made from shells. 

Seasonality, waves

Due to its peculiar location, Rawai beach isn’t affected by seasonality, and there are no waves. That’s why you’ll see lots of fishermen here. Perfect weather - Rawai got you covered! Water is always calm, you’ll definitely enjoy going right to the edge and walking along it. On the downside, however, this coastline is prone to tidal changes. During low tide, local children run around collecting shells and rocks. 

People who live in Rawai area usually go down to Naiharn or Yanui beach to swim - getting there through the picturesque Promthep cape will take about 5-7 minutes.  

Who it will suit

Rawai is favored by people staying over the winter months and long-term expats, as well as tourists. It will take you only 5-7 minutes to get to the closest beaches. 

Families with children absolutely love this area, as it takes just 10-15 minutes to get to the majority of international schools. Moreover, Rawai hosts a few great kindergartens and centers. 

It can also be said with certainty that Rawai is the area beloved by athletes and yoga fans. There are several famous gyms located right here, where you can train and learn Thai boxing, for example, with great coaches.

There is definitely no other area in Phuket with such a high concentration of fans of an active and healthy lifestyle - yoga tours, workout camps, sports camps, all kinds of retreats. 

Real estate

The growing popularity of this area has rubbed off on the infrastructure plans. You’ll find hotels of different price ranges here - a property that is preferred by tourists. 

Families with children, usually rent apartments or condos with their own kitchen. There are condos in Rawai in different proximity to the beach. 

Private residences with gorgeous villas and penthouses overlooking the water and the bay - we can find property for you with the most precise guidelines.  

Those who are planning to live in Phuket for a long period of time or those who are planning to invest usually choose Rawai. And we can agree, that they are making the right decision! Here you can get ready to move in apartments, as well as a condo in the building stage.

How to get here 

If you are going from Phuket town, you can get to Rawai on a songthaew (public transport), which will take around 40 mins and will cost 50 baht. 

From the airport, a ride in a taxi or a car to Rawai will take about 1,5 hours. 

If you are planning to stay in this area, we recommend renting a car or a bike - getting around to the majority of tourist entertainment will be more economically efficient on a personal ride, than on a taxi. Trust us, you’ll greatly enjoy driving around the picturesque roads of the south of Phuket. 


International Airport 45 km

Bangkok Hospital 14 km

Сentral Festival 12 km

Makro Rawai 5 km

Tesco Lotus 5 km

Villa Market 10 km

Rawai Park 1 km

WindMill ViewPoint 2 km

Promthep cape 2 km

Big Buddha 9 km

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