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Bangtao Beach in the northwest area of Phuket is one of the longest beaches on the island. This beach together with Layan Beach (in the northern part) forms a single coastline with a length of almost 7 km. The width of the beach from the water's edge to the casuarina grove is from 10 to 40 meters. In general - 30-35 meters. It should be noted that along the entire length of the coastline along the beach, there are tropical conifers - casuarinas! In their shade, you can always hide from the hot Phuket sun, and the air in the grove is filled with aromas and phytoncides of beneficial coniferous resin.

Due to its size, Bangtao Beach is never overcrowded with people - a relaxing atmosphere always prevails, everyone has enough space either in the shade or on the sand by the water. At first sight, it seems like a peaceful and secluded beach, however, just behind the vast grove, you can find a few lively areas of Phuket. In the central part of Bangtao, the famous and prestigious Laguna area is located. Here you can find a whole complex of five-star luxurious hotels, as well as several residential estates with lavish apartments and penthouses.

In the southern part of the beach, Phuket fishermen usually moor their boats - you won't be able to swim here, but you could rent a boat or buy freshly caught fish.

On the other hand, down north, you can find places with sun loungers offered for rent, as well as a full spread of tourist infrastructure - street markets, cafes, restaurants, food trolleys, shops with beach accessories, and children's toys.

Even at the season's peak (for example, before New Year), you will be able to find secluded places without people here. There will be no sun loungers and umbrellas , but you will experience the true unity with Phuket’s nature and the tropics - just the serenity of the sea, sun, sand, and you!

A modern shopping mall was recently opened in Bangtao. Here you can find a European supermarket stocked with everything you may need. There are also many restaurants offering both local and European cuisines, and places for evening strolls, meeting with friends, or to simply relax.

Waves and seasonality

Bangtao is the north-west beach of the island. In the period from November to March, the glistening, almost motionless, turquoise sea will make you fall in love with it! The sand on the beach is quite coarse, with dark shade grains in places, which highlights its uniqueness in comparison to the other beaches. The entrance into the water is shallow, but the depth comes quickly enough. The water temperature stays around 26-32 degrees all year - making it impossible to freeze.

However, in the summer months, swimming here might be a challenge, despite the warm sea. The waves that rage in the summer along the western coast of Phuket are also present at Bangtao, crushing onto the pristine sand. Usually, the lifeguards put up red flags along the coastline in the summer to warn of the danger of swimming.

Who it will suit

Bangtao suits everyone! Without exception! It attracts families with small children, as even during the hottest hours, there is always a place to hide in the shade. In addition, there is a place near the beach where baby boars like to walk - the kids are usually completely delighted by their sight! The boars are completely harmless and incredibly sweet.

On the beach, both children and adults are welcome to ride ponies or horses.

Young people also love this part of Phuket - the variety of housing here suits every taste and budget, and if you rent a car or a bike, it will take no more than 20 minutes of a picturesque road along the sea to get to the youthful and lively Patong.

Older people often choose Bangtao Beach for its calm and peaceful atmosphere. In the Laguna area, you can take a leisurely walk on the paved paths along lakes and green lawns. By the way, mothers whose babies still do not walk on their own also love Laguna in Bangtao - there is a limited number of places in Phuket where you can comfortably walk with a stroller.

There are several kindergartens in Bangtao attended by expat children - classes are taught in English, and the cost is more affordable compared to kindergartens at international schools. Bangtao has a popular kids' club with a children's cafe, a children's play zone, an area for adults and even a sauna.

The most popular international school in Phuket can be reached from Bangtao in around 15-20 minutes.

How to get here

Convenient transport accessibility makes Bangtao an attractive neighborhood for both vacations and as a place for permanent residence in Phuket. From the airport, you can get here on a taxi in about 25 minutes. The trip will cost you about 500 baht.

You can reach the center of the island by car in 20-25 minutes. There are several international schools, kindergartens, large shopping centers, sports parks, tennis courts, and golf courses.

From Phuket Town (Old Town) Bangtao can be reached by blue city bus Songthew. The trip will cost 50 baht (you can pay the driver).

Real Estate

You can talk endlessly about real estate in Bangtao because this area is perhaps the most developing on the island. We offer rental housing for all tastes - from apartments with your own kitchen and a picturesque view of the sea or laguna, to villas in a private complex. If you like Phuket, then you can purchase property for either living here or as a future investment. Residential complexes are being built on Bangtao, where apartments starting at 25 sq m are up for sale. We recommend purchasing such apartments for investment. If you are planning to live on the island yourself, then we will help you choose a more spacious accommodation - a penthouse or a secluded villa in a private residence in Bangtao.

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Big Buddha 37 km

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