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Nai Yang

Phuket , Thailand
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Nai Yang beach can be found slightly south of Phuket airport. It is one of the most secluded beaches on the island, despite its impressive 3 km length. Golden sand, turquoise water shimmering in the sun, solitude, tranquility, and relaxation - Nai Yang has it all. Sometimes you may not meet any tourists here at all. The central part of the beach is usually the most crowded. On a street along the beach, you can find massage parlors, minimarkets, restaurants, bars, pharmacies, and food trolleys, cooking Thai dishes. Prices at the restaurants here are not high, for example, a hot Thai dish will cost 70-80 baht, and a glass of beer around 80 baht.

Furthermore, if you decide to visit the popular tourist places in Phuket, there is a tour desk right on this street, offering packages and selling tickets.

During high season, sun loungers and umbrellas are placed for visitors in the central part of the beach. Renting a sun lounger with an umbrella will cost about 100 baht per day. The sun loungers are placed spaciously, so the guests do not disturb each other.

In the southern or northern parts of Nai Yang, you will not be able to swim as the water is quite shallow, and at low tide, you will have to walk several hundred meters until you reach appropriate depth. However, here you can search for shells or parts of corals washed up with the waves at high tide. But be careful, as it is prohibited by law to export shells and corals found on the shore from Thailand. You must have receipts for all shells or coral purchases.

Since Nai Yang Beach is located in a national park, you will be asked to pay 200 baht per adult for entering the nature reserve, and 100 baht per child under 12 years old.

If you are staying in the Nai Yang beach area, then pay attention as three times per week, the Nai Yang Fresh Market is open near the temple. Here you will find fresh fish, fruits and vegetables, ready-made Thai dishes at non-tourist prices.


Waves and seasonality


Despite the geographical position of Nai Yang on the northwestern coast of Phuket, the bottom topography and coral reefs in the sea act as a natural breakwater, therefore, even during the low season, the waves aren't very strong here. From November to March, the sea is completely calm and peaceful.

In the central part, the bottom is gently sloping, ensuring a smooth entry. The northern part of Nai Yang will be comfortable for families with small children - it’s impossible to reach dangerous depths, and there are no waves even in the summer months!

In the southern part of Nai Yang beach, the bottom is scattered with stones. So, if you decide to swim or dive here, we advise you to bring along special slippers for entering the water to avoid injury. 


Who it will suit


There are no nightclubs, entertainment or shopping centers, noisy bars, or Muay Thai rings here. The main road that runs through Phuket is also quite far from the beach, so nothing breaks the serenity and closeness to nature here. The atmosphere here is calm and relaxed regardless of the day of the week or month. Therefore, this area is favored by wealthy adults who have nowhere to rush, and who can afford to simply daydream and enjoy their surroundings.

By the way, you can actually reach the famous beach with airplanes - Mai Khao by walking from Nai Yang beach. There is no clear border between these two beaches. The sight of the planes almost touching the sea as they land is simply breathtaking! At the same time, you won’t hear any noise at Nai Yang beach. 


How to get here


There is no public transport that runs to Nai Yang, so the options are limited to a taxi, tuk-tuk, car or bike rental. It takes 7 minutes to get here from the airport - after all, the distance is less than 3 km. The trip will cost 200-300 baht.

However, the trip to the center of the island, where shopping and entertainment centers are located, will take 45-50 minutes and will cost 500-600 baht one way. If you plan to go to other beaches on your own or visit the Old Town, we recommend renting a car or motorbike.


Real Estate


Nai Yang is partly located in the National Natural Park. Construction is prohibited in this part. However, the infrastructure in this area is actively developing. Residential complexes and villas are being built within walking distance from the beach. You can rent an apartment, or a villa, for both, short and long term.

When it comes to buying real estate for investment, then this area is attractive because of its relatively low prices at the moment. However, the demand for housing in northern Phuket is growing daily. This means that the cost of apartments or villas in this area will grow. A great time to invest in real estate here!


International airport 3 km

Bangkok Hospital 30 km

Central Festival 30 km

Makro 12 km

Tesco Lotus Thalang 12 km

Villa Market Boat Avenue 17 km

Lemonade Club 19 km

WindMill ViewPoint 48 km

Promthep cape 46 km

Big Buddha 45 km

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